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Trang chủTin tứcHọc bổng - Tài trợ • Assistant Position at University of Ulm, Computer Science, Declarative Programming
Assistant Position at University of Ulm, Computer Science, Declarative Programming PDF. In Email


Institute of Software Engineering and Compiler Construction, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ulm, Germany

Starting Date: October 1, 2013.

A research/teaching position is available for Ph.D. students or postdocs in the area of Constraint Programming, in particular Constraint Handling Rules (CHR). For background information on the subject start at http://www.informatik.uni-ulm.de/pm/fileadmin/pm/home/fruehwirth/

The applicant should have prior knowledge in one or more of the following areas: Declarative Programming, Logic, Program Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and be willing to work in the field of Constraint Handling Rules.

The context of the position requires a basic command of German at the time of application. Applicants are expected to be fluent in English.

Mandatory teaching responsibilities are four lecture hours per week (in German or English).

At least a master or equivalent in computer science or strongly related area is required. The initial appointment will be for two years, with possible renewals for up to six years and more.

The position is state-funded according to salary scheme E13 TV-L, which means a gross salary of about 60.000 Euro per year, resulting in a net income of about 1750 to 2000 Euro a month depending on qualification (after deduction of taxes and of mandatory health and social insurance). Rents for flats start at about 500 Euro a month.

Ulm is a pleasant city of 150.000 on the Danube, close to Stuttgart, Munich, the Alps, and Lake Konstanz. Every day life requires a basic command of German.

Prospective applicants should email their resume with two references, certificates, proof of German language skills, and links to homepage and publications together in a single pdf file to

Prof. Dr. Thom Fruehwirth,

c/o Ulrike Seiter (secretary)

Địa chỉ email này đã được bảo vệ từ spam bots, bạn cần kích hoạt Javascript để xem nó.

by May 1, 2013.

Also use above email address for questions concerning the position.

The University of Ulm is committed to increase the share of women in research and teaching positions and therefore explicitly encourages female candidates to apply.

Job sharing is always possible for full-time positions. Physically disabled applicants receive favourable consideration when equally qualified. The job appointment is made by the central university administration.

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